Sunday, July 7, 2013

Revere Beach is awesome.

I finally stopped being lazy and pulled pictures off my camera.  Here, I will describe a subset of them.

Before we went to New York, Rashed, Caitlin, and I went to BPL to get books.  We stopped at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.  Since CPK is in the Pru, this involved walking past Teavana.  Caitlin and Rashed glared daggers at me when I ignored their pointed attempts to ignore the store and went in.  I left with 6 ounces of a mix of Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom, which is a white/fruity tea mix.  It means I finally get to use my rocket-shaped tea-infuser.  Happiness!

The 4th of July happened.  I was gone most of the day, but came back in time to see the Boston fireworks display.  I was super impressed; I've never seen a display that large ever, I think.  And I loved the music, and the good company, some of which is depicted here.

My camera isn't super fancy so it's not great at holding still when its subjects aren't holding still.  Or when I'm not.  But it did a decent job of the Boston skyline:

 Today, my roommate, Sasha, and I went to Revere Beach with some people from WILG.  It was a desperately-needed escape from the heat of Boston, and was quite pretty.  We even had some rain - only a little, so it was nice and cool, and the lightning in the distance looked awesome.  Here is a picture of the beach.

Since it was cooler, the water was fairly cold.  I got my feet wet but that's about it:

 We left WILG at about 4:00pm and came back around 8:00pm.  Since this encompasses normal dinner time, we bought things for dinner, including baguette and brie, carrots and hummus, and a whole lotta fruit (see what I did there?):

Finally, I conclude this piece by saying that Revere is a fantastic beach for Course 16s.  (Caitlin we need to go!).  It is close to Logan airport.  So here are a lot of pictures of planes.  As far as fixed-wing aircraft go, commercial airliners are not the sexiest of creatures, but they look pretty awesome from this angle when they're flying low.  Laura, you have had 3 people respond to your blackmail. I'm impressed.

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  1. Revere Beach is really quite pretty. I just wish the water wasn't such a terrible temperature. ><