Sunday, July 7, 2013

Of Mud and Moving

Hi friends! Thanks to everyone for posting - I love reading about all your adventures and looking at your photos! Its great to see that everyone seems to be having such a good time! (And if you haven't posted yet, please do - I know you've got stories to share!) I don't have a lot of news, but I thought I'd do what I could to make Laura happy. :) I have done 2 things of note since I last posted:

1. I ran a Tough Mudder. See photographic evidence below (I apologize for all the watermarks, but it costs $30 to get actual copies of the photos, so I just took screenshots instead).

The first one is of my cousin, Carl, and my buddy Erin who is also a course 2 at MIT. She came down from Seattle to run with us. The photo is from the end of the course, right after we had to run through electrically charged shock-wires while getting sprayed with water. That was not my favorite challenge. 

Its actually ironic that the only other photo I have is that one of me carrying a log, because I wasn't actually helping. My cousin carried the whole thing by himself, so I was just flexing my muscles to try to look like I was actually doing something. That's also why I'm smiling - it was so easy! :) 

Also, stay tuned: Carl wants to run the Spartan race in early August, so I may have more muddy photos soon.

2. I have moved into my house! In fact, later today, we will finally be moving out of my grandma's house where my family has been staying temporarily, and moving into our own house in a nice neighborhood in Portland. I don't have pictures yet but I promise to post some soon. The bottom line to y'all is: Emma's Bed and Breakfast is open for business!!! (And Erin, we still need to talk about a weekend trip up to Seattle!)

Well, that's about all the news I have for right now. Thanks for reading, and keep posting! Hugs - Emma


  1. ... and I still can't remember which Portland you live in again. The one in Oregon? Also, did you actually refer to two Erins from/near Seattle in one post? :)

    1. It appears that she did... and yes Emma, we should discuss! I will send you an email :D

  2. 'I was a manic pixie dream girl' on your browser tabs. what?

  3. Not too many people can look hot covered in mud and carrying a log over their shoulder. You pulled it off sweetie. :) I'm proud of you, that race sounds ridiculous.