Monday, July 15, 2013

Could not come up with a pun involving "Boston".

I decided to write a blog post (obviously). It is harder than I remember, probably because my brain is jelly from reading papers on thermo all day.

Just to bring everyone up to speed, I'm in Cambridge, living in a frat (DKE) and working at MIT. Ummmmmm since I actually have no skill at this stuff, I'm just going to start in on the anecdotes.

Living in DKE is definitely an adventure. The house is poorly built and the frat brothers punch holes in the wall with some regularity. However, they do have a sort of zen calmness when it comes to the disarray and messiness of their home. Fun things you may appreciate:
  • During the year they have a "dish fairy" that comes around and collects dishes. This does not happen in the summer. Because of unshakeable faith in this system, some brothers still leave dishes in the hallway.
  • On wednesday, they have "kegger wednesdays" where the boys that live next to me get super drunk and yell at each other. This sounds horrible, but given my and my roommate's exceptional ability to sleep through almost anything, it ends up just being amusing.
  • On fourth of July, like true Americans, they had a party on their roof deck. Someone dropped a beer bottle off the roof and smashed the back window of the housing manager's girlfriend's car. 
Anyways, it's been fun... kind of like camping but with mattresses and air conditioning.

I also went to the festival on the commons (Out of the Box) that you should go check out if you haven't!! It's going on until next weekend I think. The stuff is kind of meh but it is also free, so no complaints from me. I also got to hang out with my best friend from middle school which was pretty awesome.

Oh, I also saw Two Gentlemen of Verona on the commons (also free) which I really liked. Shakespeare in the park is one of my favorite parts of summer for sure. Also, I went to Verna's donuts in North Cambridge for breakfast and if you're interested, I recommend the old fashioned cake donuts there (though I was told the sugar dipped were also tasty). 

In other fun news, I ran across a 'parade' of like... 20 men in revolutionary garb being led by a park ranger in Harvard Square yesterday. I tried to surreptitiously get a picture of them, but it was too sunny. Does anyone know if this is normal? 

And now for the best part of my post! The random pics from my iPhone that I will now put in this post...

view of the Boston skyline from the DKE roof

useful-for-life gif sent to me by a friend

Mt. Shasta (in CA)

my dog being forced to wear sunglasses. potentially only funny to me. don't care

Anyways, if you're in Boston and you want to hang out, let me know!!



  1. Dogs in sunglasses always look funny. :) I only wish my dog could see it.

    1. emmmm i should try that on my dogs