Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hefei, old-time friends, and Karaoke in Beijing

for Xiaoyue.
(I wrote this last Friday but forgot to send it until now….)
So, of course, there is other stuff happening besides puppies. I did a few short trips on weekends, and hang out with my friends a lot, mainly with food and Karaoke.
Last weekend, I went back to Hefei, Anhui Province, to see my grandparents, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I took Gaotie, the train that travels over 300km/hr. It took about 4hrs to go from Beijing to Hefei. (Zizz I think it takes shorter to go to Hunan) It rained all weekend, but I was told that the weather was much more comfortable than previous days, when the temperature was 36-38°C (97-100°F). I had a lot of very homey food: various kinds of vegetables, some sort of fresh-water eel, some other kind of fish, oh and silken tofu of my favorite kind of flavor (this is for breakfast).
My grandparents stayed with me and my parents until I was 16, so I’m very close to them. They are getting older and their health sometimes worries us, so I try to go back as much as I can. My grandma told me to bring my boyfriend next summer. -_- We’ll see how that goes….
The train speed was 305km/h. And the ticket was fairly cheap.
When I came back to Beijing, it started raining here too! Did I tell you that there had been no AC whatsoever at home ever since the puppies were born? Yeah, so that they don’t get sick…. And we are almost sick from the heat. T___T It was especially hot that weekend, so my dad was very happy that I brought the rain @_@
Rainbow after the rain. The air quality hasn’t been bad except for one weekend, and the sky looks like this when the weather is good.
I’ve also been hanging out with my friends a lot. Most of them were my classmates both in middle school and high school – the schools in China divide every year into several fixed classes, each with ~40 students – so we pretty much witness each other grow up and are just like a big family. It’s really great to see them and talk and go out.
Still food!!!!
On Wednesday I went to Karaoke with Jialin and Chenyu. Jialin goes to Tsinghua and is a very good friend. Chenyu was very short all through teenage years, but he seems to have got taller a bit, so we joked a lot about that. J He is one of my very best friends; in the past we often walked home together after school, and talked about almost everything. He goes to Macao University, but we kept in touch and still chat a lot. He’s probably one of those who know me the best and whom I’d turn to whatever happens. Oh, and he sings amazingly! I don’t know if he won his girlfriend with his voice, but I’m sure that helped. :) We three used to go to Karaoke together a lot, sometimes with other friends too. I think there was one semester that I went to the same KTV once every month or so. KTVs in China are much better than those in the US…. The sound system is good, the rooms are usually decorated nicely, and food is included in the fee, which is 80RMB, or $13, per person, for three hours. The number of songs is fairly big. I can definitely see myself going to karaoke again some other time this summer.
Jialin is singing a very old song which I haven’t heard of…. The white chunk is bowls and plates containing food.
Thursday night I had dinner with Tianyu and his girlfriend, Karen, both of them studying in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We went to a Japanese restaurant; I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever been to. Tianyu was also a classmate both middle school and high school and we got quite close since 10th Grade; Karen was born and grew up in Hong Kong. They are super cute and sweet!!! We talked about college life and summer plans and our internships. Tianyu is preparing for his GRE test and Karen is heading to Korea after finishing her internship. I’ll probably visit them in HK sometime. :D
With Tianyu and Karen outside the restaurant.

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