Monday, July 15, 2013


(posted by Zizz for Xiaoyue again)
Hello from Beijing (again)!!!
So I promised I’d post pictures of baby puppies ---- ARE YOU READY FOR ULTIMATE, ABSOLUTE, IRRESISTABLE, INFINITE CUTENESS???????
Dudu is feeding her puppies.

A closer look :)

He's looking for food!
Sleeping puppies!

Dudu started feeling anxious/uncomfortable on 6/28 evening. She walked around the apartment, sat down here and there, and dug the couch and the floor, making painful sounds every now and then. The laboring process started on Saturday morning. After seeing some signals, we invited the vet home. The first baby took a very, very long time. When it came out, we were all super excited and she looked so beautiful, with shiny, black fur, but she was not crying and her tongue was pale pink, indicating that her respiratory system was blocked somehow. Her little legs and head still had some movements, although no breath could be felt. So the vet tried really hard to save her – shook her to get rid of the water in her mouth and nose, did CPR, gave her oxygen, and injected some kind of drug. However, very sadly, she still passed….
The first puppy was not saved...
The vet later thought that she was too big for Dudu and was stuck in the birth canal for too long. But we barely had any time to mourn her too much, since during the half hour of trying to save her, the second puppy was born. This time it was a little guy, giving a loud cry right after birth! It was about 1.5 hours between the second and the third. Dudu seemed extremely exhausted after the second labor, given that the first one was really difficult; she did not even have the energy to take care of the second puppy. But anyways, the third one came out smoothly, which is also a brown boy. The fourth took another half hour. It’s a black girl, smaller than the others but healthy nonetheless. 
He was the second one, a healthy and handsome boy.
In the first few days after labor, Dudu did not allow Qiuqiu to get near her babies at all. Every time Qiuqiu tried to get close, Dudu would scowl at him and stare into his eyes to scare him away. The situation is getting much less intense LOL. Now almost two weeks have passed, and the babies are about twice the size they were. Their bellies are always round like a ball, and they still drink milk all the time. (I’m really worried that their stomachs might explode sometime.) Dudu licks them a lot, so that the puppies pee and poop.
When the babies were born, their eyes were still closed. It’s estimated that they can open their eyes 12-14 days after birth. Unfortunately I will probably not be able to witness that moment, since I’ll be in Qingdao this weekend (I’ll write about that when I come back). Also, the brown puppies’ noses were pinkish at the beginning. But now they are getting darker and darker! Although they still cannot walk, the legs are stronger and can sustain them “standing” for a few seconds. Similarly are their necks; now the little heads can be held up for a while, as if they are looking for their mom. 
I guess they need a little warmth.

It’s a LOT of fun to just sit there and watch the 5 dogs doing all sorts of thing. (OMG FIVE DOGS AT HOME!!!!) We are going to take care of the babies until they are ~50 days, at which time we’ll send them to their new homes. They have all been booked one month before they were born >.<
Love and puppies!

Ps. Next blog will be about hanging out with my friends, including KTVs in China.


  1. do puppies need to be licked in order to pee and poop?

    1. I think so. kittens do. it helps move stuff around. :P

    2. Yeah, and mommy dogs do this out of instinct.



  3. looking at these pictures again