Friday, June 28, 2013

Xiaoyue is the coolest

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Hey guys! So unfortunately mit vpn is not very smooth…. I wrote something at the beginning of the month but I figured it’s been a little outdated to upload it now. Anyways, HELLOOOOO from Beijing!!!!

I started my internship last Monday. It’s not super interesting, but I feel it’s good enough to get a feeling of working in the industry. The department consists mostly of guys (yeah, “traditional” mechanical engineering…) and we play badminton every Friday. So I guess I’ll get a lot of practice on that by the time I go back on campus. :D

Last weekend I went to Chengdu, Sichuan Province – another travel-for-a-concert adventure. JAY CHOU!!!! (Zizz I’m looking at you) It was great! I sort of did it to commemorate my teenage years…. The fans there are CRAZY!!!! There were two girls sitting behind me who were yelling from the beginning to the end, nonstop, no change in pitch, or strength, or excitement. I don’t think I’ve seen Beijing fans that could compete with them. >.<

The city was beautiful; a lot of trees and plants and water, and old people exercising in parks. Like almost every other big city in China, Chengdu is a combination of the old and the new. Archeological sites from almost 2000 years ago, as well as grand hotels and GUCCI store, and lots of Starbucks (I’m pretty happy about this one). The weather is so HUMID and HOT…. I had the intention of throwing away my damp clothes after the concert. T____T (ehh too much information…)

An old temple.

A little boy was taking photos of his mom, in the park where the temple is located.

Some traditional Xinjiang food, in front of my hotel.

The guy was showing how to make fresh tea leaves into drinkable tea leaves.

Starbucks is everywhere...

Food was great!!! I tried a special kind of hot pot, some noodles, silken tofu (豆腐脑). All of the food was spicy, spicy, spicy, and spicy; and there is a kind of spice in it that makes your tongue and mouth feel numb. I have a pretty high tolerance of spice, but two days of spicy food – and almost nothing mild except yogurt and eggs – was a little too much. Still, definitely great food!

BIG NEWS: we are looking forward to NEW PUPPIES THIS WEEK!!!!!! The girl dog, Dudu, has been pregnant for almost two months and is expected to give birth within a few days. Her belly is getting really big, and - I CAN FEEL THE LITTLE PUPPIES MOVING IN HER BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are wondering who the father is, well, the answer is: the other dog. He doesn’t seem to know that he’s gonna be a daddy though >.< I’m super excited but nervous, too. I’m going to do a little research on taking care of baby dogs and newly mom :P I’ll post pictures once the little guys/girls are born. :)

Love and keeping away from desserts,

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