Thursday, June 6, 2013


My parents told me they'll be here in 15 minutes, so I am going to try to write a post before they come since Alan and Zizzie both told me to blog this summer.

From Sunday to Tuesday, Laura, Rashed, Adrienne, and I went to Maine to visit Shaun. Here is what we did:

9:10ish am - Leave LMF, head to Metro Rock but get slightly lost.
9:40am - depart for Maine after Laura successfully obtains her groupon
12:50ish pm - arrive at Shaun's house. Figure out where to park.
1pm ~ 5pm - make and eat sandwiches, play spoons, play BS, pet Shaun's cats (well, mostly Bentley the cat), play frisbee, play clue, etc. etc.
5:30-7:30?pm - make dinner. eat.
8:20pm - decide to go get ice cream at Cold Stone. Shaun's brother (who was trying to get to Dairy Queen which closes at 8:30 and was driving behind us) gets annoyed that Laura drives <= the speed limit.
After-ice-cream - Play cranium and play pictionary with a Webster's dictionary. Laura falls asleep.

10:12am - Sumin wakes up upon getting Bentley 'thrown' at her
11am - Portland! (not the other one in Oregon)

I'm not really sure about the timing in Portland, so here's what we did:
- find a cheap place that sells wraps on yelp and eat yummy wraps. Sumin is impressed by Rashed's eating speed
- eat ice cream
- walk around in loops, and at some point decide that we should take pictures

 Rashed does the bird-walk

I like this picture.

- go to Urban Outfitters (because I spilled ice cream and wanted to see if I could get a cheap shirt >_<)
- walk around more. Stop by stores so that Rashed can buy a moose and Laura can buy a postcard. Rashed finds a moose that's holding a lobster that says 'my maine squeeze' on it, but decides not to get it for his sister upon learning what a squeeze is.
- go to a bookstore! I had never been to a bookstore besides Borders and B&N, so this was really exciting. I've decided that used-book stores are awesome. 
- go to an L.L Bean store and the L.L Bean outlet. There was a large boot.
- play contact on the drive back

We did mad libs upon getting back. Here's an excerpt:
"You are extremely luscious and I text you! I want kiss your left knee 23 times. You make my ellipsis burn with desire."

10:30am - get up (without Bentley getting involved)
11am - make pancakes of various kinds and shapes. There was a bow tie pancake, a bear pancake, a panda pancake, and s'mores pancakes... Sumin is again impressed by Rashed's eating speed.
until 3pm - play Balderdash with a dictionary.  
3pm - say bye bye to Shaun and leave :(

We played more contact until people got sick of it, then Laura started singing Les Mis, which led to the Les Mis showing that night :) 

So... I am now out of things to talk about. I guess I could also tell you guys that we had baked breaded chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy while watching Les Mis.... :P (seniors + zizzie + rashed: there's still some left in the drinks fridge).

My parents are now here. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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