Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vegetables Beware!

It was a perfectly ordinary day... that's what I thought anyway.  I had been lounging around and finally decided to get out and stretch my legs.  After a pleasant walk accompanied by my mother, I split off and broke into a relaxed jog.  Two miles, a nice six laps around the block, would have to do in absence of a watch or pre-planned route of known distance.  Planning has never been one of my strengths.  In any case, all I wanted was a predictable jaunt to get the muscles moving again, and so off I went.

I had gone about a mile when felt the blister start to form.  "Drat!  These shoes still aren't broken in?"  I pressed on.  I ran a fourth lap and started in on the fifth.  I was turning a corner when I looked to my right.

There, hopping around nonchalantly, was a fluffy white bunny rabbit.  It was so out of place on the bark-covered, landscaped slope of someone's yard that my body continued running along on autopilot as my brain tried to understand what I had just seen.  Or rather, it tried to understand that I had seen what I had just seen.

In my current mood the combination of a blister and a runaway rabbit seemed like a good enough reason to stop a little short on my run, so I brought it in when I next passed my house to ask about it.  The answer to the question of whether any of the neighbors have a white pet rabbit seems to be no, at least from what information I have been able to gather since.  It has, however, apparently been seen in the area before, on multiple occasions over an extended period of time.

It was all a bit strange, but if there was nobody to return the bunny to, what could I do?  It wouldn't even necessarily be there if I went back to look for it.  I went on with my life.  I continued running and walking on a daily basis and saw no more rabbits.

Then, a few days ago, near the end of my run, it reappeared.  It was certainly the same bunny.  The same white fur, the same size, and the same red eyes.  This time it was the next street over in the neighbor's driveway.  I wonder if I shall ever be lucky enough to catch it on camera?  It's all quite baffling, really.  The neighborhood has many roaming cats, raccoons, and the occasional dog that gets loose, and a snowy white rabbit shouldn't be very good at hiding, but it doesn't seem to have had any troubles.  Every time I see it it's hopping about as happy as could be.

With this mystery rabbit on the prowl, I have been forced to draw one, and only one, conclusion:  Bunnicula has returned and is paying a visit to my Western Washington neighborhood.  If I had a garden I would be guarding it very vigilantly hereafter.

Over and out.


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