Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wonderfully boring

So I think Anna said something like "If you have nothing to blog about, go out and do something exciting, and then blog about it!". But that sounds like too much work so I'm going to just tell you about all the nothing I've been doing.

Here is a list of the cool things I have done so far:
  • ate some stale bagel bites
  • watched True Justice with my dad (a terrible TV show about my relative, Elijah Kane). Basically Steven Seagal wrote, produced, directed and created this TV show for himself.
  • went to a SF Giant's game (we won)
  • started reading Moby Dick
  • lost my phone and then found it (x4)
  • drove my sister to her finals
  • ate burgers for 4 meals in a row
  • went to the beach. Got sunburned. 
  • got 11 hours of sleep a night on average
Yeah. That's about it. Here are some pictures from my non-adventures for you to enjoy.

I left for 30 seconds to get more water and my dog stole my towel.

Capitola Beach: by far the best beach in my part of Northern California (in my opinion). These are the beach houses for rent and not what the water looks like mostly because the tide was coming in and it seemed like the whole kelp forest was washing up on the beach.

creeper shot of a coin slot at In-n-Out burger. 

So it should be clear that I just posted all the vaguely relevant pictures from my phone.

Personally, I love doing nothing, so if you are the same way, I wish you a summer as boring as mine.

See everyone in Boston in ~1.5 weeks!!



  1. I am amazed by your ability to making doing nothing sound so entertaining.