Friday, June 21, 2013

Some random trip pictures with captions

At the Amsterdam airport, there's a thing that asks things like "Do you have black hair?" and then tells you what percentage of respondents on the machine have matching criteria. Apparently people with black hair is quite rare for those who have bothered to sat down at this machine in the airport; it dropped my "uniqueness" down to like 6% while things like male/brown eyes/roll tongue were otherwise not special. In the end I'm unique because apparently I only match 0.6% of respondents.
Here's a picture of Denmark, close to Copenhagen, with the very green fields, taken from the airplane.

Here's a picture of the windfarm stationed off the coast. It...actually was kind of unsightly the first time I saw it. I think I warmed up to it when I came back to Copenhagen, but it certainly was a "wow they were right"kind of thing. But I think it's for the better...the whole renewable energy thing.

Here was the first town we visited ,Tallinn, Estonia. I have many more pictures of the town itself but here's a far view. Some places I went to included the National Library, a grocery store, department store, and the Old Town.

While at sea, they let us see briefly a section of the kitchen. Here's a guy prepping some plate. That's a lot of plates even for French House standards!

Here's what I mean about there being a long corridor.  Now imagine 6 floors of this, at least two on each floor. Very easy to get lost without looking at signage. 

Here's the sunset outside of Copenhagen, heading towards Estonia. This is sometime around...10pm I think? There were later points in the journey when we were further north where it didn't get dark until 2am or so. 

Here's a picture of probably a little earlier in the day of one of the many cargo/oil tankers we passed along the way. My second day's entry was entitled "Oil and Human Trafficking" in part because of it.

More pictures to come later.


  1. Hey Alan, your adventures in Denmark sound really fun! And it looks like you caught some awesome weather too (it is 15 degrees +/- 2 in Paris haha). I also really like the first picture where you also see your unique reflection in the machine. do a lot of European countries have stuff like this? I feel like there are not too many interactive automatic machines in the cities in the U.S., although one might think it should have many more, given its technological progress. O.o

  2. Sasha, I've seen a few of those machines around, but mostly in science museums. Also, I think I need to say this again: "OMG, Alan went to Estonia!"