Monday, June 4, 2012


Rashed can't write well
Still needs to post. Solution?
Blogpost in Haiku!

France for seven days
Weather was really gorgeous
Cheese was devoured

First, stayed near the Swiss
Much choc'late died on that day
Moment of silence.

A day in Paris
Eiffel tower after dark
Lots of macarons

Now in apartment
Huge sunflower near my head
It's a bit creepy

Still somewhat jetlagged
But, green velvet cupcakes around!
Therefore, life is good

Will write real post later
With some actual pictures
No gimmicks, I swear

I can't put up any pictures until we get internet at the apartment. Once we do I'll write up an actual post. I guess the 2014 streak is broken now, though.

Plural of walrus
Should be walri, much nicer
Walren is cool too

1 comment:

  1. You're the best, Sonny.
    I miss freshmen sillyheads;
    have fun in Boston.