Thursday, June 21, 2012

in which sometimes things are sad

(Be calm if you think this is going to be terrible it's not.  It's just the cat.)

So I'm about to post on my trip to the Yosemite, but I thought I'd sneak this in first.  Remember this guy?  He died.  

(picture is of cat.  if picture does not load, do not panic unduly)

I like to think that you guys kind of liked Blackie because I sent you all a picture of him telling you to clean up your stuff or else.

Also I was thinking also about how probably plenty of you have sick or dying pets or grandparents or parents or something.  Or maybe you're off by yourself in some city and lonely, or maybe you have to put up with difficult people or whatever.  Because there's lots of you and probability and stuff; you can't all be having fun.  Dead cats are just the easiest to blog about.  It's getting late and I don't really remember where I was going with this, but I think it was to tell you all to keep in touch and ask people how they are doing because that is how you show them that you care, and sometimes during the summer people need to be reminded about that.  And all the time.  

Also don't freak out guys, I liked the cat and I miss having him around, but this was pretty much a peace + love public service announcement, not a pity-me facebooky deal. Greetings from Berkeley.  


  1. I was indeed very fond of Blackie... though I think that pre-dated him telling me to clean up. His not-quite presence in French House life will be missed.