Wednesday, June 13, 2012

101 Things to Do in the 2 Weeks Between Finals and Graduation

So, many of you remember your little poster of 101 Things to Do Before You Graduate.  I had been using mine as a place mat for years for under my plants to catch any water I might spill by watering them.  At the beginning of this year, I took a look at it and said, "let's see how many we can do".

I thus began a quest to finish off all of the missing things on my 101 Things.  However, MIT students get busy and most of them got delayed until Dead Week and Senior Week.  Unfortunately, many of these things to do cannot be done on any old week in spring.  This is where creativity and a very literal interpretation of the 101 Things became important.

For curiosity's sake, here is the breakdown by year in terms of number of items accomplished:

Freshman year and following summer: 41
Sophomore year and following summer: 11
Junior year and following summer: 6
Senior year up to end of finals: 16
Dead Week and Senior Week: 26

(Yes I know that adds up to 100. #86: Go on an MIT snowriders ski trip did not happen...weekends in winter are usually reserved for fencing, and try as I might to finagle water skiing to qualify I couldn't get it to work out.)

#14: Visit Singing Beach at Manchester by the Sea - This consisted of me driving to said beach, in the rain, lowering my car window, observing the beachiness and closing my window and driving back to Boston.

#17: Play DDR in the Game Room - Did you all know that the little room next to Verde's with the chairs and such used to be an Arcade-style game room when I was a freshman.  So, I borrowed Random Hall's DDR equipment from some of my friends there, took it over to the student center and played one game in the "game room".

#22: Go rock climbing in Dupont - Yeah, there used to be rock climbing in Dupont.  I believe the indoor golf thing forced it out.  So, I took a large rock from outside, slipped into my cargo shorts took it into Dupont and climbed it.

#23: Go clubbing on Lansdowne St - No one wanted to go with me so I just hit Davie with playing cards, including clubs, on Lansdowne St.  Hence, I went clubbing (as in hitting people with clubs) on Lansdowne Street.

#36: Enjoy some Despina's pizza after 1 am - Well, Despina's changed ownership and name to Cafe 47 and really it's always after 1 am of the previous day.

#56: Ice Skate on Frog Pond - So, its spring, no ice skating.  So Anna and I went to Chinatown and bought skate (the fish), got some ice from a vendor in the Commons, and went to Frog Pond and iced the skate on the pond.
Skate + Ice

On Frog Pond

#72: Take a class at Harvard or Wellesley - Adrienne, Ben, and I went to Harvard Yard, sat down on a stoop and played just enough Munchkin for me to take a class (then we got FroYo).

Thanks to all those who helped me do these, especially Anna who did 13 of these with me during Dead Week.  I'll write a post about the past couple of days in NJ soon.


  1. Haha :) What are we to do without all the Daniel-awesomeness next year?

  2. woohoo! well done. did you and davie get lost on the way to landsdowne street? :)