Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Beginning of the Beginning of an End

I figured it's about time to blog since Laura has asked for more posts.

Here's what the rest of my summer looks like:

August 22: seminar day - I need to give an oral presentation. I'm not sure to whom.
August 24: leaving Caltech to go back home. :( :( :(
August 31: going back to MIT - I think I'm more sad than excited this time, since it'll be my last time going back for classes.

Here's what I've done in the past weekends:

August 10: went to Disneyland
August 3-4: went to Las Vegas with friends from my summer dorm
August 2: went to see Cazzette in Hollywood
July 27-28: visited Adrienne in San Diego

Visiting Adrienne was really relaxing and fun (and involved a slight sunburn...whoops). On Saturday, we walked around La Jolla, which is this nice beach area where Adrienne went to school. There were seals and they were quite smelly, but the waves and rocks were cool. I didn't really know that ocean waves were so huge until this summer. They're both really awesome and slightly frightening (if you're an awful swimmer like I am). Before I left to go back on Sunday, we went to Balboa park, which is a huge park that connects the museums and the zoo. We went to the botanical garden, the rose garden, and a couple other places that were nice and nature-y.

oh hai.
adrienne is cute :)

heh. seals.

made me think of Luis 2

Adrienne is easily amused



And now the other pictures....
Cazzette was so good!

the place had really good lasers :)

blue man group in Vegas!

in the Venetian hotel with my friend Carolyn

mickey mouse apples?

right before the World of Color show. so pretty!

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