Saturday, August 3, 2013

bears are cool.

hello friends,

I missed you all, and I'm sure you missed me too, so here are some selfies I took during my adventures.

This is me exploring the house
while everyone is gone.
It was quite hot here,
so I took a bath and sat outside to
enjoy some sunshine and dry off.
I'm still a bit damp in this picture.

Here I am modeling this awesome yellow hat.
You may recognize it from other events.
Next to me is a spiky ornament on the coffee table.

Here I'm showing off Dad's collection
of golf balls that he has acquired at
various golf courses around the world.

This one and the next picture were snapped
in succession to capture my epic slide
down the spiral staircase.


Here's another spiky alien plant.
Mom seems to like buying plants that
look weird. But really, the edges of the
leaves have little thorns. Scary!
And to finish it off:
Yo, this is my gangster picture.

I enjoy your pictures and posts. As you can see, I've been relaxing and enjoying the perfect weather and sunshine. Come visit me in Groton, CT where Adrienne is moving in September. I promise I don't bite.

Love from your friendly neighborhood polar bear,

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  1. What will Adrienne be doing at Groton? My mom used to commute there for Pfizer a lot.


    the bath picture is too precious.