Wednesday, August 14, 2013

happenings in (mostly) August

I had been meaning to get another blog post up before I head overseas in two days.  I've been getting lax with my camera, however, so this is not going to have many pictures.  In this post: a movie, an achievement, some random stuff, and some very excellent people.

The Movie
Last Saturday I went and saw Disney's Planes with a friend.  I realized the other day that I have seen three movies this summer and all of them have been animated children's films (the others were Monsters University and Despicable Me 2).  Here's the trailer:
From what I gather, Planes is like Cars.  I haven't seen any of the Cars movies, but Planes was clearly going to be cooler for obvious reasons.  I found it incredibly charming.  The premise of the film is a cropduster airplane that wants to race jets with some practice and a lot of willpower - and it's amusing to accept the premise and pretend that's possible and watch Dusty try to win.  It's also very sweet to watch the little airplane romances ("You're very aerodynamic."). 

The Achievement

Better late than never.

I didn't take the boat test.  If someone wants to take the boat test with me I totally will.  I just didn't want to tread water by myself for 10 minutes.

The random stuff
I adopted one of Tim and Sarah's plants, and I named it after the royal baby because I got the plant the day after he was born.  Here is a picture of George getting to know one of Xiaoyue's plants.

In the spirit of doing something productive, I acquired some Sculpey a few weeks ago, and I decided to test it out by making some chess pieces.  I still have 3/4 of the Sculpey I got and I plan to try something more ambitious at a later point of time.  Pictures:

Both the little ball on the queen's crown and the cross on the king fell off and I had to glue them back.
The very excellent people
I went out to dinner with Adam and Alan on Sunday.  We went to Penang, and for both dinner and dessert Adam's food came out ~5-10 minutes after they brought Alan's and mine out simultaneously.  To be fair, we ordered the same thing for dinner, but for dessert we merely ordered similar things.  I had glutinous black rice in coconut milk; Alan had tapioca, yam, and taro in coconut milk.  We tried each others' - Alan's reaction was a very dry "I find yours to be equally pleasing."

I went dress-shopping after dinner and Alan came with.  We encountered a very loquacious lady in the dressing room at Sears.  Afterwards Alan drove me back to WILG.  I must observe to LMF at large that Alan seems to be becoming a real person at an impressive rate. 

Sophie came back today and I had lunch with her and Adam at Cafe Luna.  'twas very good to see them both, and Cafe Luna always has excellent food.  Afterwards Adam came with me to the bank and helped me roll up 600 pennies to get rid of them. =)

That's what I've been up to.  Leaving for Germany in two days. =)