Wednesday, August 21, 2013

i like your sleeves, they're real big

Even though the summer is pretty much over I am still going to write this blog post. I am currently in Hawaii for the first time in my life-- it's pretty sweet. I have also discovered my new life goal which is to be a fat old man who spends most of his time baking in the sunshine on a lawn chair, preferably near the beach. I have started practicing by reading by the pool for hours and hours. But, as Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers (also Macklemore) you need to do something for 10,000 hours before you are an expert. It is going to be a long road but sometimes you just gotta follow your dreams.

This man is close to enlightenment.

I also got to see some sting rays and loads of other fish while snorkeling. In other vaguely athletic news, I went for a bike ride in California but I fell off my bike and banged up my elbow and my little sister has not stopped mocking me for it which is really not fair because I just got distracted. I never claimed to be good at biking.

Also, my family went to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. It's a really cool place to learn about pacific islander culture from pacific islanders, not only because there are a bunch of cute shirtless boys wandering around/in the trees.

Samoan demonstrating how they get coconuts

Other than that, nothing really exciting has happened to me. I did however start listening to the new singles put out by the Arctic Monkeys which are amazing. I also got a haircut but it pretty much looks exactly the same and no one noticed.

Also- though none of you really know my dad, this is a great pic of him wearing my sister's sarong on his head to protect his scalp from being further sunburned:

See those of you back in Boston soon!! I'll be back on the 25th at some point :).



  1. I <3 the Polynesian Cultural Center. I think i have a souvenir magnet with a picture of a shirtless Samoan on it, actually.

    also when I was there my family visited a Mormon temple in the area. Obviously we couldn't go in but we did see the visitor's center or something which was very nice (although the only particular I recall is that the statue of Jesus had hands on which all the fingers were the same length). Is your family going to go by that?

  2. We did go by the temple but (as I failed to mention) the whole excuse for the trip was to look at colleges and my sister Audrey wants to go to BYU-Hawaii (which is coincidentally where all the cute boys go) so we were doing college tours :)