Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prochain Arret: Italia!

Good afternoon/morning/etc upper east siders LMFers,

Just a quick update today since I have been off the radar for some people for some time. I have a flight at 6:50pm from Geneva to Rome, where I'll stay for 3 nights before going to Florence for 1 night and then come back to Lausanne with a quick stop at Milan.

Life has been going pretty well. A lot of lying down in the sun at a pool with some famous model friends travelling - I have taken weekend trips to Strasboug, Interlaken/Swiss Alps/Luzern, Lyon, and Paris, and day trips to Dijon and Gruyeres. It has been a busy summer.

I go back to the US on the 27th. I don't know when I'm going back to MIT - I assume around the 30th or so - and I'm kind of excited to go back. Before that though, I need to buy more awesome European clothes.

Actually now that it's almost the end of the summer, I kind of wish I had gone to my mansion in England and hung out with a prince taken more time to just chill on weekends because I'm quite exhausted, but it's been a pretty great summer. Surprisingly, I did get better at French a little - I think mostly in comprehension. I'm a lot less hesitant to use French now than before (French 3 made me not like French as much). Mostly when I use French it's for directions, I can form perfectly well-structured sentences now instead of trying to say "How do I get to...." I kind of got in the habit of just saying the destination in the best French pronunciation I can manage with a slight hint of question mark at the end. It has not failed me yet. I did buy a train ticket completely in French though; that was fun.

Anyway, I should go scheme to get some secrets out of the it girls take a shower and do last-minute research on Florence and Milan. I should also eat and finish packing. I have been eating around 1-2 meals a day, mostly. I figured I should lose weight guess I had a lot of reserved fat before coming here because I am pretty sure I'm still quite healthy. :)

I will see you all relatively soon, but until then.....

Gossip Girl Sumin

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