Friday, August 3, 2012

The Summer of Hulu

Hi! I'm not off having super awesome adventures, so this is going to be a random post. If you're allergic to Instagram, this is not the post for you. Sorry,  but my unprocessed face is pretty painful and I suck at taking pictures.

June: I went to the Boston Pride Parade. It's my first time ever going. Basically you march along a route for an hour and shout things and be happy. Our MIT group had a bunch of candy that I ended up passing out to little children and excited adults and was much beloved for doing so. I forgot to take pictures, but if you imagine a rainbow with nerd candies falling from it, you pretty much have the gist.

July 4th: SummerComm spent July 4th camped out on Memorial Drive awaiting fireworks! Which did end up happening, although it was pretty touch and go for a bit. Teresa is crazy prepared and equipped for life, I would just like that to be known. (If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge themselves for you. They're manly like that.)

 <--- Quite the stalwart crew...

....oh wait, they're alive!---->

Knitting Things:

I have still been knitting. -_-;; Here are some of the things I've knit this summer. Skills gained: Slip-stitch edges, picking up slipped stitches, knitting entrelac, knitting backwards, and picking up dropped yarnovers/k2togs (that lace hat was a pain).

This hat converts to a cowl.
 This hat is deceptively simple. It was the biggest pain to knit construct.

This hat was pretty fun to make. The way you construct and attach the fan is very neat.

Kindle entrelac case. Attached a garter stitch lining on the inside for moar padding.


I've been square dancing throughout the summer. Bill pretty much dragged me into an A1 class. -_-;; Got to learn Chain Reaction first week of said class, which he considers the hardest call in all of square dancing (animation of said call). On Thursday nights I attend pizza and a movie night at the Rainbow Lounge.Sometimes during the week I go to the Student Center were Rashad, Shaun, and Adam play videogames/"work". I'm going to try finding somewhere to volunteer so I can meet people, though, since I spend a great deal of time alone. Yes, that means my love life is still pretty much loveless, not counting the guys who bug me on the subway. It's really annoying. It's either hobo/street-looking guys or older men. This one guy basically tried to force me to get on a particular train with him (I carefully let enough people between us and ducked into a different one), while another one wouldn't stop badgering me to let take his phone number. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Where are all the normal people?! T_T


Oh yeah, the title of this post! Well, I've been watching television (-_-;;) when I have no one to hang out with or books to read and am tired of coding. Finished The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, btw...amazing book about a young African slave during the Revolutionary War period whose life is an experiment conducted by white philosophers/scientists to answer the question of whether black people are inferior to white people. It's an extremely sad and mature book to be a YA novel, honestly. But yeah, back to Hulu. So far it's been Community (haven't finished the third season yet), Revenge (SOOO good, omg. It's like live-action female Death Note. Queen Victoria and Nolan are epic), Ghost (Korean drama about a cyber-crime unit, political intrigue, the most boss corporate executive villain of all time, and Phantom of the Opera), and Caprica. I watched Caprica because it was the sequel to BSG, however, it was god-awful. The only redeeming quality was Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama putting the gay in gangster.

Fortunately, Sasha is playing another BAMF on Grimm, a decidedly better show where he has more screen time and speaks French. It's about a descendent of the infamous Grimm brothers, except they were actually supernatural demon-killers instead of just writers. If you liked Supernatural before it became...what it is today...I heartily recommend it!

I have also been attending the movies! A lot of us went to go see Brave. Lizi's sister Becca came with, it was great. She's adorable! I dragged Shaun out to see Magic Mike. PERSONALLY, I enjoyed it, although it could have used another hour of Channing Tatum stripping and less of everything else.Shaun and Luis and I went to dinner afterwards, which was nice! I also saw The Dark Knight Rises, of course. Good movie, but the second was better. Not to spoil anything, but Marion Cotillard was completely miscast and her character wasted. Anne was okay as Catwoman, not bad, but not superamazing either. The best part was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Whelp, that's enough rambling. Sorry for the long-browser breaking post. Blogger needs an lj-cut feature.

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  1. You are the coolest. Your knitting is super professional-looking! I've been watching a lot of tv this summer too, though not any of the same stuff, sadly. I'm back in 2 weeks--see you then!