Thursday, August 2, 2012

More pictures

So it's been a while since the last post so I decided to just write something up. Or as I like taking pictures, post some pictures.

As some (though few) know, I live with lots of animals. This summer's high point (cough) was at 4 dogs and 3 cats. Now it's down to what is supposed to be the norm of 3 dogs and 3 cats. Here's the newest, third cat camping under my dilapidated umbrella. The picture was taken from afar and it was shady under the umbrella so low picture quality of course. It also should give you low expectations/make you easier to be wowed by the subsequent pictures.

Cat #3.

Then last weekend, we went to Chautauqua (Park?) where we scaled some Flatirons and did some minor spelunking   (because people here don't seem to know this is word).
Bad picture of me, good picture of the side of the cliff we came out of post spelunking. You can see how high up we are from how tiny the trees are in the background (not including the large tree in the midground).

Here's us going through some rocks at the beginning of the spelunking. Okay they weren't really caves carved out by water (most likely) but we did end up having to use flashlight apps on phones because it was dark and we were climbing down/up rocks/logs that had been set up.

A while before then, I met up with an MIT peep to go to Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It was mostly a nature/history museum than a science museum. There were also lots of exhibits on Colorado's mining history. Here's a picture of me being awkward with my hands (now you can't look away from my hands and how I don't know where to put them in pictures) while also looking at the huge park next to the Museum (and the Zoo which was adjacent) as well as the Denver skyline. 

Hands. CARL, no. Hands.

Then wayyyy back when, I got caught in this big nasty storm. It was a "I'm experiencing Nature" moment. Here's the storm rolling in: 
Here's the storm when it was still afar or actually not really well documented in this picture because it was about 45 degrees to the left or right (but the Boulder Res, where I was, (and the Res standing for Reservoir although it was huge) had a nice beach-y area with people playing with their dogs) as depicted below (yay nesting grammar or at least text; grammar is optional):

Here's the storm rolling in again over the Flatirons when I first got to the Res. To clarify, I got rained on while I was at the Res, going on a bike ride because I wanted to go outside for an adventure. It was an adventure. I was also leaning while biking at about 8-12 degrees to my right in order to bike with the strong wind, not including the more powerful gusts.

I have a picture of the really nice sunsets that go over/under the Flatirons I've been seeing lately but they're still on my camera and therefore too difficult to upload right now. I was going to then post a random picture that was good but that process wasn't going anywhere because I didn't have any really good pictures that were also very random. However, I did find this .gif that was pretty random. Write in the comments which LMF member this reminds you of (or hint heavily towards it). I believe the conversation that resulted in this member doing the following motion (though in the opposite direction, CW instead of CCW) was about shaving. Enjoy the random mayhem randomness!

Also the benefit of a .gif is that in addition to the title that I just created, a .gif is like lots of pictures combined!

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