Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barbecues and the Anticlimactic

So, everyone keeps mentioning this elusive Memorial Day Barbecue of ours, and I think it's about time we went into some more detail.

Let's begin with the basics:  Monday was Memorial Day.
                                          LMF residents get hungry on any day.
                                          Both Monday and Memorial Day include the word "day".
                                          We were hungry.

As lovely as that reasoning is, the barbecue was actually planned at least a day in advance, and food was acquired that morning.  I volunteered to make teriyaki chicken, which I then ate too quickly and got a bit of a stomach ache.  After I finished with the chicken, Laura took over and grilled the veggies, mushroom burgers, and regular burgers, making her the real master of the grill.  We all climbed the courtyard walls and discussed the antiquity of the grills and the fact that a squirrel was living in the one we weren't using.  And we ate.  A lot.  All the food was delicious and the weather was warm.  Although most of you have already seen them on facebook, here are some of my favorite photos from the event:

That last picture was taken about 30 seconds before I took an unfortunate bite of my burger and heard/felt this kind of cracking sound/sensation come from one of my lower front teeth.  It was very disconcerting and uncomfortable, but we decided that there didn't seem to be any reason to rush me to a dentist.  I don't have any pictures of myself sitting at the table icing my face and moping because I couldn't keep eating, but you get the idea...

Also somewhat relevant is the fact that I was limping around a bit on Monday because I had a splinter in my foot that I couldn't get out.  Basically, I was kind of a mess.  I thought about taking pictures of my injuries, but the splinter was too small to see well and my teeth look completely normal.  Sometimes I wish I would get injured in more exciting ways, and then I realize what I was just thinking and tell myself to stop being stupid.

Luckily, I could still eat root beer floats properly, and I must say that they were excellent even by root beer float standards!

P.S.  We forgot to eat the watermelon...

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