Monday, May 27, 2013

A Reunion and a New Roommate

Like I mentioned yesterday, Monica and I met up with Cassie, our bff from 5th/6th grade. We did some window shopping, wandered around Old Town in Alexandria (SO quaint), had sushi for dinner, talked about boys, then lay around in a hammock for a while. In order,

Old Town:

The sushi restaurant:

The hammock (at Cassie's house):

It was a perfect day.

Now, I'm sitting on a bed in Charlottesville. I'm crashing with another REU student, before I move into my actual home for the summer (turns out I can't move there until June 1.) My temporary roommate's name is Jared, and he is SUPER nice. Characteristics I highly approve of:

1) Awesome accent (he's from Kentucky)
2) I arrived at the train station slightly early, and he was ALREADY THERE (college kids who arrive EARLY to stuff? what?)
3) He made my bed for me before I'd even gotten here (he says his mom told him to)
4) He listens to his mom (I have drawn this conclusion from my one data point)
5) He went grocery shopping before I got here, and bought: lots of fruit, fish, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cereal, milk, and no junk food. It was like I had arrived, and already gone grocery shopping. 
6) He likes to cook
7) He doesn't drink alcohol OR coffee
8) He goes to bed at 11 and gets up at 7:30

Um. Best roommate ever? I'm tempted to just stay here and not move to that other house on June 1 =P

Anyway, before I start to sound creepy (too late, I know) I will go to bed. I start work tomorrow! YAY PULSARS!

Looking forward to hearing from all of you :)

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