Sunday, May 22, 2011

So much stuff!

If you ever came over to my room in the past year, you know that I am not exactly the let's-keep-everything-organized-and-clean type. Well, given the amount of stuff I apparently had, I think I actually did a pretty good job; I had a box full of just shoes, a guitar, a violin, a flute, a harmonica case (I have no clue where the harmonica itself went), more clothes than I remember bringing, several notebooks and books I barely even glanced at in the past year, some really cute stuffed animals... okay, this list is just getting boring. The point, if you haven't gotten used to my rambling way of talking yet, is that I really had too much stuff.
I moved some of my stuff to ZBT on Friday night. To the movers' pleasant surprise, I had one box of misc stuff, one small box of shirts, one thing of bedding and pillow, and one box of Zizzie's things. Too bad I didn't really pack that day, because if I had known just how much capacity those drawers in my room held, I would've sent more stuff to the house. Let's just say that my dad's mini van almost didn't fit everything and that my parents are going to make sure that I take half as much stuff next fall.

Anyway, enough about me complaining about having too many things. Summer has so far been alright - not too great, but just kind of boring. I watched the finale of Gossip Girl and NCIS last night, and was kind of disappointed at Gossip Girl. My parents and I went shopping today for my shoes for the summer, except we ended up with a dress for me and shoes for my dad. I'm now seriously considering whether my feet are misshaped or not, because none of the shoes I tried on really fit me well. Other than that, I've just been trying to come up with covers for random songs on piano and watching some Korean variety TV shows.

I'm flying to Zurich on Sunday, and from there I'll be visiting Paris, some places in Belgium, and Amsterdam. I'm really excited; just think about all the delicious desserts and chocolate I'll hopefully get to eat....yum! Hopefully I won't get sick again; my throat is kind of iffy at the moment but I will not allow any more sickness!

I miss LMF and have a surprising urge to learn...I don't know why. I might watch some OCW thiis week, but we'll see. Safe travels to everyone going home this week!

Love and a thought-filled mind,


  1. I love you. <3 yayyy! Best wishes for a safe and fun trip in Europe! Eat lots of pastries.

  2. yess ncis, I approve.. ^.^
    have a safe flight! take lots of pictures <3

  3. Adrienne, I didn't know you approve of NCIS...perhaps we could watch the episodes together when the new season starts...:)

  4. I saw you at ZBT on Friday night... long story, promise it's not creepy, wanted to say hi but I was outside and you disappeared :(

    My throat is also iffy. I'm a little scared.

  6. Erin please do explain!
    and Anna please don't get sick :(

  7. belgium is near where i'll be! but i'm still in california.