Monday, May 30, 2011

My Life and a Little Bit More

Where to start... well, first an explanation for Sumin:

On Friday night after my finals were over, the Muses went out for dinner and karaoke, lot's of fun, and we ended our adventure waiting for the Saferide in front of ZBT at about 11 pm. Through the door, I spied what appeared to be a creature known as a Sumin amidst the deep jungle of packages and frat brothers... but I couldn't be sure. As I squinted my eyes through the darkness and into the bright building, it only became clear that it was indeed the rare species at the last moment before it disappeared deeper into the recesses of the forest. Fearing to lose my group and miss my transport (and also awkward social situations had I still been mistaken), I dared not follow the adorable beast. Instead, I sought to communicate with it remotely and coax it to come out into the open. I found that unfortunately I did not have a record of it's tracking number, despite my theoretical security clearance to know such things, and before I could think of another strategy the transport arrived to deliver us back to Base Camp MIT. I lamented the loss of this opportunity, but resolved that I would find my one-of-a-kind dear again if it took all summer (which apparently it will since I missed its departure from its former dwelling place).

In other news, I made a huge mountain of stuff in the triple when moving out of my room in an hour and a half, cleaned it up a little bit, then spent the week packing up LMF while neglecting my own copious amounts of stuff... leading to a mad dash to get myself ready to leave. Oh well, so what if my shirts in storage aren't folded as well as they could be.

Of course, the week wasn't ALL work. I went out to dinner with people, ate lots of froyo, watched movies, and made scrumptious dinners twice with JJ, who I'm sure most of you have met by now. Also, I'm pretty sure that one of my menus next year will include the mildly candied mango yams that I invented the recipe for on one of these occasions. You know, when life gives you mangoes and sweet potatoes...

Getting closer to the present day, on Saturday Daniel, Teresa, and I packed my suitcases into the trunk of Daniel's car before hopping in the cab and driving off to look for adventure. We met up with Ashley Brown and Michael, and Julie and Luis, in NYC and hung around Central Park for a while before having a delicious dinner and going to see Catch Me if You Can, the first time I've ever seen a show on Broadway! It was a very exciting experience, and it was also interesting to be in the city when it wasn't cold outside...

On the way back to Daniel's house the highway decided that it wanted our drivers to fall asleep at the wheel and kill us all, so it proceeded to make our exit disappear. Luckily, Ashley and Daniel had more willpower than the glorified piece of asphalt over which we rolled and we found our way without any fatalities.

After a good night's sleep and a nice breakfast, we were on the road again. I was dropped unceremoniously at the Newport airport before my car-mates rushed off to the train station. Actually that's a highly unfair statement, I just like the word unceremoniously, in reality we all said a nice, though hurried, goodbye.

The airport was a breeze, relatively small compared to what I often see and quick to get through security. About an hour later I was boarding my first propeller plane for a short flight to Philadelphia. It turned out that the second leg of my journey was the more interesting, however. I managed to get on the plane and stow my bag relatively early in the boarding call for my section, so I sat down to get settled. After a while a young woman in the aisle pointed to the window seat next to me and said "I think that's me". I, of course, got up to give her room to get by, and as I did, she asked me if I was allergic to cats. I said no, not thinking too much of it, I mean maybe she'd been handling cats and had hair all over her clothes. Then I heard a mew from what looked to be her carry-on bag, but on closer inspection was an animal carrier! She was bringing her cat with her from Philadelphia to Seattle! The cat's name was Angus, as I found out in further discussion, and he meowed occasionally for attention throughout the flight. I saw his head once when she was feeding him in the bag, very cute.

My parents and I had a bit of difficulty finding each other at the airport, as my flight got in 40 minutes early, so they missed me at the gate but all the info boards said I was on-time, so they didn't think that was possible. Anyway, now I'm back in Bremerton, and it's not as hot as Boston but it is sunny, and all I've got to do for now is get off my bum and find something useful to do with myself... I'll keep you posted on how that goes... :)


  1. Erin! Fifty billion cheers for you for packing up the house. Also your Sumin explanation was pretty great. Have fun at home.

  2. KITTY <3 you should've stolen it for French House. I miss you, Erin!

  3. Erin! I miss youu. <3

    also jealous of the not-hot-ness.

  4. The adorable beast misses her amazing mommy!
    :) KITTY!!!!! I saw one on one of my train rides and he/she (don't know which) was very sleepy...and really adorable!

  5. Ahh I loved this post :) Erin you are hilarious! I'm glad the triple had some caring interim residents :D