Monday, May 23, 2011

please excuse my wordiness..

I should most definitely be asleep right now, so I'm sorry if this comes out entirely incomprehensible. In short, after several long flights I am currently in Singapore, very sleep deprived due to the 12hr time difference with Boston.

Let's backtrack to Friday. I woke up at 6am to study for my last final (although granted that was probably entirely unnecessary except for the next event->), said goodbye to Alan, took my last final, contemplated leaving early around 11am-- and 11:15-- and 11:30-- and finally left at 11:40 and was done with sophomore year. I crammed the last of my stuff into boxes, recruited Sumin to sit on my suitcase so I could close it, moved stuff to metro storage, dragged my luggage down the stairs, said goodbye to the few people that I saw on the way out, and left with Elizabeth to the airport.

Here the wonderful story of my experience with the airport begins: please excuse my complaining and run-on sentences...
uneventful, aside from the fact that I sat next to another MIT sophomore, Anurag, that I met briefly at the summer send-off, and other sophomore across the aisle. Anurag and I chatted briefly, then he promptly fell asleep for most of the flight, while I watched 4 episodes of Doctor Who before my battery died, and poof! I was home, smelling the wonderfully familiar salt water air.

30hrs at home included: visiting my grandmother, uncle, and aunt briefly on the way home from the airport, walking on the beach with my mom, eating pho for lunch, and packing..oh sooo much packing and repacking and more packing, since I failed to realize that I own so much summer clothing, so after taking everything I packed in my suitcase out and dragging a bunch more stuff out of my closet, I had a nice heaping pile next to my suitcase approximately 2+ times the size. Needless to say, my parents flipped and immediately started harping on me to pack light... anyway, I finished cramming stuff in and making sure it wasn't going to be over 50lbs, printed out all the forms I needed to sign, went to church, briefly chatted with a friend after mass, ate pho again for dinner, drove 2 hrs to LA, waited in line for an hr to check-in, and was 2hrs early for my flight after passing security. By this time, I was extraordinarily tired since my flight was at 1am pst, which was essentially 4am and I rarely stay up that late ever..unless I have good reason. It's more likely that I get up at 4am, but that's unrelated..

14hrs of sleeping..ish for 5-6hrs, contemplating life for an indeterminate amount of time, not eating disgusting food, watching Doctor Who again. My neighbor woke up while I was watching WWIII, and started watching over my shoulder, so I asked him if he wanted to watch to watch the next episode with me, and successfully introduced him to the amazingness :) Battery died, we chatted about his family, MIT, neuroscience, etc. and split, me to sg and him to Manila.

first of all, taipei has like no food except chocolate, well from what I could find around my gate at least. I arrived in taipei around 6:30am Monday morning and yeah, not much sleep.. anyway, uneventful- it was raining in taipei. 4.5hr flight later, I'm in sg around 2pm.

My second?/third? cousin picked me up from the airport, we took a taxi to PGP (Prince George Park Residences at NUS), searched around for my room, fiddled with the key that isn't a key but a transmitter button thingy, sat for a bit, explored a bus around campus and got lunch. I also figured out that avocado juice is really really good. Took a bus and then train/subway to her appt, stopping briefly to get some misc groceries and stuff, stayed a bit at her place, and then returned home with all the stuff now. The room is small, no a/c, but has lots of shelving stuffs and a ceiling fan, so it's fine. Sorry I don't have pictures of anything yet...they might come later..

Anyway, I'm currently sitting in the common area in the dorm where I can get wifi. There are people playing Star Wars Risk next to me, but from the way they're talking, they don't seem to be all that pleasant, but rather loud and obnoxious and full of curses..and adamantly claim they aren't geeks. Thus they aren't cool- despite the fact that they are playing star wars risk. But they don't actually know how to play because they are arguing about the rules while reading them. Idk, I don't know how to play risk, but it seems very complicated. Also, they fail at speaking the very limited French that they were trying to. But I will refrain from interacting with them for the time being.

So this was obnoxiously long, and you all probably didn't care about any of that, so I apologize for my lack of comprehension and long-winded empty words. It also recently actually dawned on me that I'm really really really far away from anywhere/anyone I can call home :( so I dearly miss you all.

Goodnight all! or good morning, I guess, to most of you, ahh time is so confusing.. why can't I just be a time traveler?


  1. I like hearing your rambles. No one at home rambles to me. I miss it.

  2. <3 I miss you!!! Hope the obnoxious people are at least somewhat nice...

  3. WHAT??? Star Wars Risk? Such a thing exists?
    .......I want.

    Something else I want: your company, so you can ramble to me in person. :)

  4. did you watch the are you my mummy one on the plane? I did. It was so scary, and then there were these kids crying on the plane.

    Sounds like you have had an exciting few days. When do you start working, Monday?

  5. <3 miss you all

    no, I haven't seen that episode yet. I've only made it through the first 7 of season 1 and all of season 5. I started watching them backwards, then realized that wasn't so logical.

    I started work on Tuesday. It's been a bit crazy trying to settle in...