Monday, May 23, 2016

The Quest for Bagels!

It was Sunday, which meant it was time for the one, the only, Sunday Morning Bagel Club (or "bagles," as Jesse would have it). Usually I head to Porter Square by myself and make my way back to French House to serve everyone bagels, but Jesse and Helmuth decided that they wanted to join me on my trip.

So, after a few lovely early-morning selfies sent between the three of us-- not pictured because we all looked just too good and we don't want to make you all jealous-- we headed out from LMF to Porter.

Step one was to decide how to get there. We could walk to Kendall and take the T to Porter, or take the 1 bus to Harvard and then red line the last leg of the journey, or just walk the three miles up Mass Ave and skip public transportation altogether. 

Eventually, we decided to board the 1 bus, but then we (or, rather, I) got distracted by the promise of tasty tasty Mariposa treats. Thus, we headed first to Mariposa in Central to say hi to Avi and grab some tea. We then boarded the T to Porter.

I asked Helmuth to take a picture of Jesse and me, but I should have known better.


Thankfully, he took a nice one too.

If you've ever been to Porter, you know that there are tons of stairs. Helmuth decided to run up all of them. Jesse and I were more reasonable and took the escalators (a trip of 90 seconds, as Jesse timed it).

There are actually two sets of stairs. After sprinting up the first set, Helmuth claimed that he won. As we passed through the toll gates (above), we were faced with a set of stairs because the escalators weren't working, so all three of us had to climb them. I won that race, but of course it "wasn't a race" because Helmuth gets to decide when the races happen, which just so happens to coincide with the times when he's ahead.

Our stair-climbing efforts were rewarded with getting to wait in the longest line in human history. 

We finally got our bagels, though! Jesse and Helmuth enjoyed the cheddar garlic bagels while I stuck with the oldie but goodie: plain with cream cheese. We found a lovely side street near the bagel place to enjoy the spoils of our quest.

After finishing the bagels, it was time to head back. Since Helmuth was deprived of his three mile walk to the bagel store (he was the sole proponent of walking all. the. way. there.), we decided to make our way back to campus via Mass Ave. The area between Porter and Harvard squares is especially beautiful, so it was a lovely walk. 

Right before hitting Harvard Square, we stopped to sit near the statue of John Bridge. Jesse took this opportunity to announce our presence to everyone within a two-mile radius via an obnoxious grass whistle.

I also caught this beauty of a picture:

Jesse then decided to climb a tree.

We are beautiful people.


I spent a good amount of effort trying to get Helmuth to smile for a picture. Instead, he ran away or just straight up didn't cooperate. 


Photo creds: Jesse <3
We then walked through part of Harvard Yard, which was decked out for commencement. I reminded my fellow intrepid travelers to not touch the statue of John Harvard. Just don't do it.

Nearing Mass Ave again, Jesse just sat down. To quote her: "the grass is just so soft and tender and green. I must sit down."

We were duly impressed by Harvard's ability to: 
1. Keep grass alive
2. Put tents up everywhere, and not kill the grass
3. Make the grass not die

We walked through Central, where I stopped at Walgreens and then met up with Jesse and Helmuth at H-mart. Just for funsies, I caught the 1 bus and took it one stop, before lounging on the Student Center steps to wait for the approaching Helmuth and Jesse. 


Photo creds: the most amazing Jesse

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  1. Thank you for posting! I was entertained. I am surprised you weren't photobombed by any squirrels near Harvard, but I guess these pictures were already so good the squirrels didn't consider their presence necessary. :)