Sunday, July 6, 2014

Greetings from Cambridge

As you can conclude from the title, my days of sleep and dog-walking are finally over, and I have taken residence elsewhere. To be fair, I just got back from a four-day trip to Edinburgh (4 hrs of sleep and 8 hrs of coach is a pretty tiring combination, so I am struggling to stay awake).

I am currently sitting in the Pembroke College library, enjoying the warm breeze from the open window (who would have thought the concept of summer is more than just a dream in England?) and procrastinating, hence the blogging. While it is hard for myself to believe I am anything but a tourist, I am here for a purpose. I am taking courses at the Pembroke-King's Programme:

Drug Actions and Reactions (July)
Film and Theatre Journalism (July + August)
The Behavioural Ecology of Animals and Humans (August)

I got here a week ago, and will be leaving at the end of August to spend one more week at home before heading back to the other Cambridge and French House!

I am also watching the Wimbledon men's final (go Federer!), and tomorrow is a day off for us due to road closures because of le Tour de France. Apparently this is the fourth time the tour has come to England. I will have a view to the race from my dorm room window, which is pretty impressive considering I'm in England and it's le Tour de France. 

While the Americans celebrated 4 July (or 3 July in Boston?), over 10% of the Estonians have gathered to one place to celebrate the Song and Dance Festival. The festival takes place every 5 years. Our laulupidu (literally: song party) is one of the largest amateur choral events in the world. 

The President of Estonia taking a selfie (source: his Facebook page)
Pembroke College library
Undergraduate dorms at Pembroke
Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

More Edinburgh from the top of another hill

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