Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Culture shock

salut mes chers amis!

life is pretty quiet here.  I arrived in London on five days ago, and while I did a little leisurely exploring over the weekend, this week I've gone on campus around 9, come home around 6, and wiled away my evenings via the internet, TV, or lounging in my hall common room with some other summer students.

I very much feel as if I'm fully relaxed for the first time in four years.  I'm only just realizing how fully wound up I was the entire time I was at MIT.  In some ways it's unnerving.

various tidbits from life here:
  • I was taught to try to blend in when traveling in a foreign country, but there's not much you can do when you're carrying a plug adapter home from the electronics store.
  • pear cidre is intriguing, but I prefer the apple version.
  • I think "haemodynamics" looks and feels cooler than "hemodynamics".
  • we had a Dept. of Aeronautics BBQ this afternoon on the roof of the physics building.  I met guys from France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and San Francisco.  it was pretty cool.
  • this department appears to be <10% women.  it makes me sad.
no particular plans for the weekend yet since it looks like rain.  I've gotten a few restaurant/pub recommendations, and most of the museums here are free so there are lots of options.  I've also contemplated going to the London Wetland Centre - if I'm going to get wet, may as well be at a wetland, right?  if the weather looks up I may try to get to Stonehenge.  I'm debating with myself whether it's worth trying to go to Wales/Scotland/Ireland.  My supervisor's leaving the country for two weeks while I'm here, so maybe I can even scoot off somewhere for longer if I feel like it.  

feeling rather purposeless - in a good way.  I can do whatever I want, and it doesn't really matter.  it's very emancipating. :)



  1. Hope you're having a blast! I totally agree about the feeling of purposelessness. It's such a change (a good one, albeit). At MIT, there was always something "more productive" I could/*should* have been doing. But now, after work, there's so much free/down time :) Also, you go girl! kick butt at work!

  2. My recommendations: Brighton pier on a sunny day and the British Museum <3 have a great time!