Monday, May 26, 2014

Something is not right.

Look guys.  Aujourd'hui, nous avons ouvert le Frigo des Boissons, et voilà, ce que nous avons vu:
and then there was the pots and pans closet:
the drying racks:
and strangest of all:

just don't use the non-breakable bowls guys.  you'd have to move the entire tower to extract one, and it ain't worth the effort.  oh, and better leave mugs out on the table.  putting them back in the cabinet would require rearranging all the mugs on the middle shelf to make a space large enough.  and there are actually multiple cups that stack!  what.

we can't handle how neat the kitchen is. this is not the LMF of years gone by. ;)

in other news:
  •  the very fabulous Juan (LMF '12) got here on Friday!  A large number of us went to PARK in Harvard Sq. to celebrate his birthday on Saturday.
  • despite my efforts to put up a valiant fight for some integer number of minutes, Adam defeated me in chess.
  • a group of cool people (Alan, Sumin, Emma, Laura, and Adam) went on a road trip to Salem, in which yummy cheap ice cream was had by all.
  • the twins are celebrating being halfway to 43!
  • Adam forgot today was Memorial Day.
  • Sumin's hair continues to be fabulous.

happy summer 2014, LMF! 

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