Monday, May 26, 2014

Day Trip to Salem!

Hey all!

As Elizabeth mentioned in her blog post, Adam, Laura, Emma, Alan, and I went on a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts. On the way there, we came across this beautiful scenery and couldn't help but park the car and go run around the beach. I think the name of the beach was something like King's beach, but I might be wrong. We were lucky in that the water had only started coming back in; it seems that the entire beach would get submerged during high tides.
The water was also really clean!
After walking around the beach and getting our feet wet in the refreshing water, we figured pictures would be good. Since there weren't many other people around, we opted for an Oscar-style selfie
When we finally got to Salem, we found a boat (I think it's called the Friendship of Salem) and a nice park area that extended into the shore that discussed the trading business and other boat-related things from the early 1900's. 

After walking around the park area, we went on an adventure to find ice cream at the Salem Screamery, and found a TARDIS on the walk back (unfortunately I don't have the pictures that we took with it). The ice cream was very good (3 large scoops for $4), which was a nice way to end the day trip! When we came back to Cambridge, we went to PARK in Harvard to celebrate Juan's birthday, which was also very nice. :)

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