Thursday, June 9, 2011

there's no use crying over spilled cornmeal

Hello young beansprouts.

We oldsters are enjoying our oldness in the great wildz of the state of Chaste As Smuts, where we play with anagram generators all day. Just a few days ago, this was us:

LMF Seniors 2011

But now we have grown spinach for hair and we look more like this:

LMF Seniors 2011 + Spinach

In the days following, a top secret mission was attempted involving the perusal and reassignment of classified materials in the possession of the French House. This mission was undertaken with great care and secrecy, though some unforeseen challenges did arise:

1. While venturing down the road commonly known as Amherst Alley, a large container of corn meal precariously balanced upon other precariously balanced boxes balanced on top of a rolling apparatus was overturned, creating a hazardous waste situation. We fled.

2. Secret agents later returned to clean up the mess and dispose of the evidence into a nearby wastebin. If you remember receiving emails of hazardous materials near New House a few days prior, you may have glimpsed a fleeting fraction of Claire's intense yet irrational terror that the two incidents were in any way related.

3. David Tennant came to our house and paid us five bucks to make out with us.



  1. I absolutely adore Carla's pictorial representation.

    Congratulations guys!