Friday, June 17, 2011

Partners in crime- Juan

(The story narrated here is absolutely true, no facts were altered, exaggerated or omitted)

Me- Wait! Was the door open last time we were here?
Anna- I don't know. There is a light on, have we been spotted?
(whispering) let me check if there is someone.
I think we are trapped, there is no other way now, we have to go in....

This all started a week before: Saturday night, light rain, bubble tea and six friends wandering around the tunnels. It was the perfect time for Anna, to do what she had never done before, a mission so risky that any freshman would tremble in fear at the name of it. Going down the cliff at infraluminal speed on a four wheeled vehicle free to pivot around its axis, also known as chairing, was the challenge awaiting the indomitable girl. I was there, afraid of death, admiring her courage as she went down. I followed her, only I was kneeling on the chair instead of sitting and the world started to spin. I heard a noise as if she had found the end of the tunnel. I tried to face forward, but it was too late, my center of gravity shifted as the floor approached. When I finally regain consciousness, Ben, Shaun, Sophie, Daniel and Anna were looking at me. “I will be fine, we need to complete the mission”. The rest of the night went smoothly, visiting secret labs and almost blowing up a NMR machine with high pressure.
The following day, my ankle had doubled in size (unfortunately it is not a bread recipe), so I contacted Anna, well known for her healing abilities. She had an injury herself and did her best to keep me alive, while we waited for a suitable method of transportation to MIT medical. There, Anna went in first, and when my turn arrived I met the first Doctor.

The Doctor- How did you get injured?
Me- I was on a rolling chair.
The Doctor- Oh, so did you hit the wall as well?
Me- Nope, the floor.
The Doctor- There have been a lot of chair accidents today, I won't ask anymore.

Then I was transferred to another room, where the second Doctor received me. He used a strange instrument that made a noise to read my signal and said: You are alright, you can leave. Just don't go wandering around.

Life wasn't so kind to Anna, and I accompanied her to the hospital to see how many broken bones she had. The X-ray room had the door closed, but we could hear through it the cry of a baby. The baby now silent left the room carried by its mother. As Anna went in, I said: “Don't worry, it is just going to be twice as painful for you”. After hours of screaming that felt like a couple of minutes, she came out and informed that she had zero bones broken. We were waiting for the cab, and started talking about life, love and the universe, that is when we decided to become partners in crime.

We planned our first robbery carefully, our informant was a member of the Polish mafia named Daniel Levine. We met him and his accomplice Benjamin the scoundrel, to obtain information about the entrance to the French House base.
After arming ourselves with nothing but our souls, we entered the base through the hidden passage, and ended up inside the gym. The fort was deserted, which made us think it was a trap. We found our way through the hallway and up the tower to get to the treasure room: the Kitchen. We rejoiced to see golden silverware, pan made out of precious metals and plastic cutting boards. After pillaging and just before we left I noticed something from the corner of my eye, but Anna said something about not having taken a knife.
We left through the back door, glorious and happy after the success of our plan. But as we came into our territory, Anna noticed the disastrous mistake. And that image came back to my mind, she had left her wallet containing her real identity inside the robbed building. We secured the items and decided to go back in, only this time we saw a tall man going in through the main door, it was Chris the Bonecrusher. There was no way we could go through the long hallway unnoticed. We searched the base for other entrances, none were accessible. What to do? I proposed using her charms to distract the giant, she refused. It would have been suicidal if she failed. We decided to go in again through the old passage, and try to find a way to the treasure room without going through the hallway. Second floor closed, third floor closed. “We have to get out of here before someone finds us”, we walk back to the first floor and noticed the door to the hallway open, we try to get back to the gym, but the door was now locked. It all seemed lost, we had to confront the gatekeeper and hope not to die. Then I saw it, like a vision, a door leading to freedom. I opened it, luckily no alarms went off, and we escaped.
We still had the same problem, but Anna did not want to wait until it got dark, because the creatures of the night would be after the precious information inside the wallet. Before I could say anything, she went in through the front door and ordered the gatekeeper to let her in. To this adamant request, he just said: “ok, but be careful”.
That is the last thing anyone heard of Chris the Bonecrusher, even his entry in the MIT directory has been erased as if he never existed.

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  1. Juan, you and I were clearly cut out for lives of danger and crime.