Monday, July 11, 2016

6 Things to do AFTER you graduate

1. Attend a ridiculous party on Killian Court. 

Ridiculous MIT party on Killian the day after graduation. Same place. 

2. Almost fail a topology exam. MetroRock: tying a knot has probably never been more stressful. Even the SATs were less pressure. (My other title for this one would be "Tie the knot" but I was afraid it would tie in (haha!) too well with photos from #4).

3. Run to catch a train to a random parking lot in a random Massachusetts town to hitch a ride with a friend to a New York campground to listen to Russian folk music for an entire weekend, while sleeping two nights in a luxury tent. (Did that even make any sense?) Anyway, by "luxury", I mean there is a cot inside the tent, instead of a regular camping sleeping pad. Basically creates extra space to put your stuff, and I like that.  Ridiculous amounts of volleyball games with beer-bellied Russian men were also included. But, the best parts were the music under the stars, the campfire songs, the watermelon, and of course, the impromptu hikes and swim in the 15-degree (Celsius!) river with my friend Masha, who wasn't very bothered by this ("I went swimming in the Baltic Sea in the winter, it was fine. You just gotta scream very loud when you enter the water. And keep screaming. To survive. " - Masha).

Some daring hiking in upstate NY.

4. Spend quality time with the cat. If I grow up to be a hopeless cat lady, I will be entirely content with life, that is for sure.

I can spend hours looking into those eyes. :)
5. Pretend you are cultured while pretending to be a sculpture. Lovely time in Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, where you can find yourself in life-sized recreations of famous and not-so-famous paintings. I particularly enjoyed ones by Matisse and Renoir.

Me & my friends :) 

6. Run away on a somewhat random, wild adventure in a country where you barely speak the language and where it is kind of winter right now. Coming soon to the LMF Blog near you...

But for now, sneak preview! ;) Some ninja moves are a must in these conditions.

Guess where? ;) 

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  1. Nice sweatpants. Also, cats look funny upside down. Very proud of you for finally posting this, btw. :)