Friday, June 10, 2016

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Last time me and Sasha invade German House together
We graduated. That's pretty much all I have to say on the matter, because I'm still in denial (although I did accept the diploma, as you can see). Matt Damon was pretty good, though. We are not on the MIT directory anymore.

A fin whale
Turns out that Boston is a great city to live in, especially once you eliminate the part with MIT academics from the equation. I got discounted whale watch tickets from MITAC (they were still expensive, but not as bad). Apparently I can get seasick and three hours of cold ocean wind blowing in one's face is not that good for the skin. At least we saw some whales! One beautiful fin whale even took pity on us and swam next to the boat for quite some time.

We also went to Hartford and New Haven (party because these places are accessible without a car from Boston and mostly because of Gilmore Girls). I had never been to Yale before, but I must say it reminded me a lot of Harvard. Yale looks a bit more like Oxford and Cambridge and hence slightly better in my opinion, although I think I prefer our Cambridge to New Haven. 

Although the brochure said touching his foot would bring good luck, I was wary of doing so (Yale seemed just too similar to Harvard)
I also wanted to go see the rock in Plymouth and the Plimoth Plantation (a living history/open-air museum). I'd been planning to go there for almost four years, but I had underestimated what a feat getting there by public transportation would be. I highly recommend a visit to Plymouth, but it's probably best to take a bike with you on the Commuter Rail. For the adventurous, there are small shuttle buses called Freedom, Liberty and Mayflower that run once every hour and any form of public transportation in America is pretty neat and worth the $1 cost. The drivers in Plymouth were extremely nice, though, creating a stark contrast with my first visit to the US (when six Estonians were shocked by driver-pedestrian interactions on Manhattan). 

We also stopped by Helsinki on the way home. It was cold. Turns out Scandinavia should not be visited on Sundays, because it is surprisingly dirty (the people who clean the streets also have weekends off).
Four years = four pieces of checked baggage

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  1. "Last time me and Sasha invade German House together" - it ain't the last! I can always come back there with my laptop and Skype you! :) Have no fear, the good ole' times shall return again!

    "Although the brochure said touching his foot would bring good luck, I was wary of doing so (Yale seemed just too similar to Harvard)" - I think I can recall why... :)

    That whale(thing) looks like a submarine. With a fin. For beauty.