Wednesday, August 20, 2014

last minute blog post-- maggie

Since my summer has been pretty boring, I didn't really feel the need to post here but I guess I'll so a quick recap anyways.

So I was in Oxford until mid-June and then I came back to California on a Sunday evening. Monday I waited for like 2.5 hours to order a new drivers license at the DMV (my wallet got stolen while I was abroad) and then I started work at HP on Tuesday. My job consists of reading lots of journal articles and talking to lots of vendors about potential replacements for ITO (indium tin oxide-- the transparent conductor that makes your touch screen work). My boss is an MIT alum and she is fearless. I finish this Friday and then I fly to MIT on saturday at midnight

I'm living at home which is fun but also majorly weird because I've pretty much regressed to being high school Maggie again. The weather here has been amazing except it rained twice (?! never happens in norcal in the summer, I promise you), both times when I was carrying my laptop from the car into the office without a case. Definitely miss Boston though-- so see most of you very very soon (I get back the 24th).

In case you were wondering, the gender imbalance is alive and well in the computer hardware industry-- I am rarely in a meeting with any other woman (besides my boss).

Not sure what else to tell you? maybe I'll edit this later but hopefully nothing that exciting happens.

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